Sony 20GB PS3 Lacking Several Features

No HDMI, no WiFi and no card reader for the low end PS3

Hot on the heels of the Playstation 3 news conference, a PDF document from Sony Japan has revealed more details about the new consoles. Just to recap, there will be two versions of Playstation 3, one with a 20GB hard drive and one with the 60GB hard drive.

On November 11, 2006, Sony will start selling the “lower-end” Playstation 3 for 59,800 Yen, or about $530 USD. This PS3 will feature a 20GB hard drive, gigabit Ethernet and Blu-ray reader. However, a table in the document reveals that the 20GB PS3 will be severely handicapped in several ways.

For starters, only the 60GB PS3A will feature a MemoryStick/SD/CompactFlash reader, though we almost certainly suspect there will be add-on readers. The 20GB PS3 will not feature integrated 802.11b/g. Furthermore, the 20GB version will not feature HDMI output.

The price for the Japanese 60GB Playstation 3 has not yet been announced, but the retail price for the 60GB PS3 with HDMI, WiFi and card reader will be $599 USD. The 20GB P3 will cost $499 USD in the US according to Sony.

News source: DAILYTECH


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