Six dual-core processors tested

REGARDING yesterday’s HW roundup, I would like to clarify a point. A RAID-0 configuration of the 7200.10 – two hard disk drives, beat a single Raptor 2nd-generation drive.

Digitlife introduces us to their new Procedure for testing Processor performance. It is a release candidate and in alpha stage – whatever that means. The number of software packages they intend to use for reviews is mind boggling – 24 in all. Strangely, Windows XP Professional x64 SP1 is the OS of choice rather than Windows XP. The Procedure allows Digitlife to tests six dual Core processors including the P D 805. They divide their scores into professional and home and give an overall score. The FX60 still remains on top with the P D 805 last. The end of the single core is nigh.

HKEPC has more information on the ECS P965A motherboard and grabs it in all its splendour on digital celluloid. Amongst interesting bits: It is crossfire compatible, compatible with Conroe, has HDA with the Realtec ALC885, seven SATA ports, ten USB 2.0 and Dual LAN ports.

Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of space on the motherboard, leaving the impression that there are some components that will fit in in the future. There are a couple of oddities but one thing that is obvious is that PATA is on its way out.

Anandtech reports from E3 with images of the Nintendo WII as well as a couple of new Dell Designs. The casing has some notable features including aluminium sides with cool designs. The slotted back and front though might encourage good airflow, but I wonder whether it won’t make everything noisier and let more dust get in. Impressive though, and I am sure that if Dell can get the price down and release a number of iPod like accessories, it will be a big winner. tests the MSI RX1900XTX-VT2D512E video card. Top of the end range, with dual slot design, a huge heatsink fan with a slightly higher core/mem speed it seems, which effectively gives it the edge when compared to reference cards. Delivers performance and more importantly, it is cheap, which means that some X1900XT come dangerously close to it in terms of pricing. The card is compared with a 7900GTX.

AData is a brand of memory modules that seems to be popular in Asia and they have recently acquired some popularity in US. Anyone knows them in Europe/UK, let me know. The model that Techpowerup reviewed is the 512MB Vitesta DDR2-800 module. TPU tests two of them. The modules are covered with a red heatspreaders which give them some allure. They are cheap, have wonderful performance and overclock well above what one would expect for the price. Provided you have the right motherboard, sky’s the limit.

Madshrimps reviews the ActiveCool AC4G CPU cooler. It is a two part cooling solution that comes with a PCI card which give power for the cooler. The later is based on the Peltier technology so it needs power to cool efficiently. It is for Intel only and is made up of aluminium plus the small fan does not help. On the plus side though, it is easily installed and is a new low in terms for price for Peltier technology. With a little bit more effort, it would make a great product.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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