John Carmack Gives the Scoop on the PS3: Doubtful of Cell

id Software’s founder not ga-ga over the Cell processor

Famed developer John Carmack sat down with G4 TV (Video) during E3 this year and gave viewers the scoop on the Sony PlayStation 3 and the challenges of its development environment. Carmack, somewhat of a legend in the gaming community, gave us really the very first FPS title Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, along with DOOM and the Quake franchise. He was at the show this year to show off id Software’s upcoming title Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

During the interview Carmack discussed the issues with Sony’s development strategy concerning the PS3 comparing the symmetrical processing approach Microsoft took with the XBOX 360 to the asymmetric approach that Sony is using with the Cell processor developed in partnership with Toshiba and IBM.

Carmack concedes that the PS3 is a more powerful platform saying “the PS3 has more peak performance on there and that’s what Sony was looking for.” However he believes that Sony made a mistake with the Cell architecture in the difficulty there is with programming for it as opposed to the 360.

To take full advantage of the Cell architecture developers must break their code in to “small nuggets” and use a different compiler for the SPEs making developing for the PS3 more difficult then it needs to be.

During the interview he speculated that the PS3 would do well because of its following and Sony’s dominance in the console market. However judging by the reaction to the PS3 in our previous article covering the console, as well as comments across the web sphere as a whole that is obviously still to be determined.

News source: DAILYTECH


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