Nvidia’s new driver arrives tomorrow

Nvidia’s wonder driver should arrive sometime tomorrow. This driver should fix some bugs and speed up things in some applications.

We are told that it should bring a significant increase of performance in Far Cry and some other applications.People are as enthusiastic about this driver as they were with the famous detonator that once messed up ATI’s Radeon plans.

Apparently this will make this card faster then the red boys offer and might bring the long lost performance crown back to Nvidia.We heard about this driver quite some time back and we reported that – Release candidate 1 driver was scheduled for the 28th of May so it seems that Nvidia is on track.

This may finally mean that Nvidia’s famous partners will ship some cards to the press as they were waiting for this wonder driver for quite some time to deliver the card that they are supposed to sell later on. Our source told us that the original driver that the press benchmarked back in April when the chip was launched was roughly 30 per cent slower then the hardware is capable of.

So let’s wait and see what happens tomorrow.

News source: TheInquirer


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