Nvidia to keep the ULI brand

WE CONFIRMED that Nvidia plans to keep the ULI brand as some of the mainstream/entry level players quite depend on it. Nvidia still doesn’t want to call ULI chipsets Nvidia chipsets and wants to keep the Nforce brand as the separate one.

Nvidia is still shipping ULI chipsets branded as ULI and there is no indications that this is going to change in a while. There might be even new chipsets from ULI branded as ULI but we all know by now that Nvidia owns ULI and has firm control over it.

Some players such as Asrock and ECS depend on these chipsets and it would hurt a lot if those disappear. They will stay with us as long as there is demand. ULI is the only one to date to support PCI and AGP on the same board and many people still think that is a cool thing.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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