How to power two PCs with one PSU

HARDWAREZONE tries to run two systems with one PSU in a DIY Guide. With 1.2KW PSUs already round the corner, it should not be long before you will be able to power several servers using one of them. Obviously, there are a few constraints. HWZ used two MSI motherboards with low profile cards, Core Duo CPU and laptop hard disk drives. Even then, the two systems consumed 200W.

A slightly old review. The ECS KN2 SLI extreme motherboard is tested at Digit-Life. The board comes with a proprietary SDGE card which is not optional and is necessary for it to work properly. ECS’s R&D are quite prolific it would seem. The motherboard is SLI compatible, and curiously has a lot of space on the PCB. The rest is pretty standard; six SATA ports, two LAN connectors, a motherboard fan and 5.1 audio support. A good model by ECS went a step to far it seems.

Digital Daily reviews the Biostar TForce 6100-939, a motherboard based on the Geforce 6100/nForce 410 duo. It has no TV Out or GbE controller and only two SATA ports instead of four. Plus there’s a reduction in the graphic core speed. But overall, it is still a worthy candidate if you are looking for a cheapo socket 939 mobo. It has eight USB ports and three Firewire ports as well as excellent stability.

Digital Producer Magazine reports on the Viewsonic N3760W 37-inch LCD TV which is a low priced HDTV model capable of delivering 1366×768 resolution in widescreen. It is HDMI capable and as far as quality is concerned, you should not bother to look elsewhere in the same price bracket – pictures are very good, if not exceptional and coped well with that Charlie White calls DVD format flaws.

Toms hardware reviews the Monarch’s Hornet Pro which looks to me like a toy box. It is modded and pimped like a car. The colour scheme might not fit everyone; it comes with a handle, slotted front for air circulation, two eVGA graphics cards – based on the 7900GTX clocked at 700/1760MHz. No need to say that this baby rocks big time with impressive figures. The price though might be a bitter pill.

Gamepc tests the eVGA Nvidia Geforce 7950GX2 video card. We’ve looked at similar cards not so long ago. No surprises here. 1GB memory, two slots, two DVI ports two PCBs and two G71 GPUs and it has a nice glossy heat sink fan. The GX2 can even be overclocked to 630/1450MHz and comes mighty close to two 7900GTX in SLI. Quad SLI will probably become mainstream in a few months as the 7950GX2 is refined.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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