Leadtek stays in the 3D game

WE HAD a chance to meet up with some nice chaps from Leadtek, one of the very successful extended arms of Foxconn and we can now confirm that the company will continue to offer various graphic cards. Jen Hsun, the mighty king of Nvidia, confirmed that at a press conference.

Foxconn will get in the game later this summer and will try to convince everyone to buy its own branded cards but will keep the very successful Leadtek brand and compete with it. We think that the big Foxconn made a good decision as there are many that will want Leadtek only.

Leadtek chaps confirmed that they are ready and shipping its 7950 GX2 cards and that it is very happy with Quadro business in Asia. It would like to grow the Quadro business in Euroland and USA but so far Nvidia only allows PNY to do so.

The company also does cool TV tuners, Voice over IP video phones and bunch of other interesting things and it will continue to provide graphic cards to its faithful audience. Leadtek is here to stay.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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