Google fires off warning to US telcos

THE US SENATE Commerce Committee last week approved reforms in communications legislation that will make it easier for Internet providers to offer IP-based television.

The resultant perceived threat of telecommunications companies muscling in on the Web has stirred search giant Google into firing off warnings.

A spokesman said it would not hesitate to file anti-trust complaints if Internet-providing telcos abuse powers that could come from U.S. legislators in further reforms – some of which, Google argues, could threaten ‘Net Neutrality’.

‘Net Neutrality’ is an emerging battle between telcos and Internet content delivery companies, which centres on whether Internet providers can charge more to carry unaffiliated content or to guarantee service quality.

“We are worried that some of the broadband service providers will interfere with that principle and will attempt to use their control over broadband transport facilities to interfere with services of competitors.” Vint Cerf, Google vice-president, told a news conference in Bulgaria.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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