10MP, 2.8-inch LCD Digicam grabs headlines

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS tests the Casio EX-Z1000 digital camera which is the way digital camera ought to be built. A 10.1MP sensor sitting right at the back of a huge 2.8-inch LCD. Mind you that digital camera could easily turn – I guess, into a Personal Media player and display superb movies with great sound. Of course, you can take great pictures with the EZ-Z1000, especially when combined with the anti-shake DSP, and a zoom capacity between 4x and 17x.

Techgage takes a firm look at the OCZ 2GB PC2-8000 Titanium Alpha VX2 memory modules. The OCZ uses D9 333MHz IC from Micron – allowing them to have tight timings – and they are covered with the usual honeycomb topped memory heatsink. The memory module performance is so extreme that the reviewer was not able to push them as far as he would have liked, prompting him to coin the term freakin’ fast. Designed by a true team of enthusiasts, it does carry a fair price tag though.

XYZcomputing tests the Palm Treo 700P PalmOS based PDA cum phone with a nice and well thought design, a well laid keyboard and of course, the acclaimed PalmIOS. Those familiar with the ins and outs of the Treo family will very easily get used to it. Some might not like the number of times the stylus is used. The Treo is means to go against the Blackberry empire which is something that seems to be a mission impossible. The 700P is not a bad PDA, just that the competition out there is tougher than it used to be.

Hexus roundups four fast and red cards and shoots them up. If you are after the fastest single GPU consumer 3D card, there’s no doubt that its ATI’s that you have to go out for. The roundup was actually written back in April 2006, that’s three months ago. Still, nothing much has changed. Four candidates compete for the best card award – Gecube, Asus, Sapphire and MSI. There’s no real differentiation between them. Mind you they do cost a lot, so you better choose right. Unfortunately, the test did not include any Crossfire or SLI comparison.

Gamepc writes on the new Intel Xeon 5150 and the 5160 processors and watches on as Intel takes back the performance crown. The king is dead, long live the king. The Woodcrest Xeons need dual socket socket 771 motherboards as well as expensive memory modules, all aimed at milking a little bit more those corporate buyers, innit? The Intel candidate is pitted against AMD’s Opteron 285 processor. As for the Core2 Duo, these new Xeon poke fun at the Opteron 285 just like the latter did for the Older Xeon range. Most impressive Xeon out there and fastest Intel CPU ever.

Speaking of Intel, GDHardware has an interview with Intel’s Dan Synder on the new Core2 Duo architecture, helped in that by Epic’s Tim Sweeny and Falcon Northwest’s Kelt Reeves. Not many new things popping out that we don’t already know. We’ve got confirmation that Quad core is coming up Q1 07 as well as the fact that Conroe automatically allocates the L2 cache pool. Plus on top of that Epics and Falcon Northwest are preparing new products to take advantage of Multicore and of the Core2Duo.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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