Nokia the most nicked phone

ACCORDING TO criminal justice experts from the UK’s Loughborough University, the Nokia 6230 was the most-stolen phone in Britain. However, the researchers can’t yet compose a risk index.

That’s because they don’t have access to actual handset sales figures. So they have to guess that the Nokia is probably a best seller. Mobile currently rates the 6230i as the ninth best selling handset on contract. What they really need is historical sales figures.

Anyway, it’s no surprise to find that the Samsung D500 was the second most and the Motorola Razr the third most stolen handset. The statistics, analysis of 112,093 crimes in London last year, are believed to be the first attempt to draw up a mobile theft index similar to lists for cars and bikes.

Curiously, despite the Razr’s third ranking, more Sony Ericssons were stolen in total than Motorolas.

The INQ feels that the figures merely suggest what handsets poseurs purchase the most. Those Sony Ericssons were probably W800 Walkman phones.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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