Intel Pledges New Pentium 4 in October

Intel Corporation, the worlds biggest maker of semiconductors, officially issued a document reflecting the company’s intention to bring more advanced Intel Pentium 4 microprocessors based on Prescott core later this year.

Initial samples of Intel Pentium 4 “Prescott” processors with E-0 stepping core will be available in June 2004, while commercial supplies are likely to start from the 1st of October, 2004. No information about official launch date of the new chips is revealed.

Sources close to Intel said the company would release 3.60GHz and 3.80GHz processors for desktops in the second and the fourth quarters respectively. However, the product change notification contains no information about 3.80GHz processors. This may mean that the 3.80GHz chips will be available only in E-0 stepping or will not hit the ground by the 1st of October.

Officials for Intel Corporation did not comment on the report.

News source: XBit Labs


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