Harry Potter and the Chamber of Trojans

THE EVIL FOLLOWERS of Lord Voldamort (no relation to Steve Ballmer) have come up with a wizard wheeze of getting children to open their Netsky worm.As the world of Muggles has become wise to the worm, which has become decidedly obvious, the virus writers decided to trick kids by linking the worm to the Harry Potter movies. The worm is disguised as a Harry Potter game or book which if opened infects the system.

Media friendly Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said in a statement that there had been a sudden upsurge in the spread of the Netsky-P variant, which has been in the wild for about three months. He said that this can only be because the heavily promoted movie “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” opened earlier this week in Britain.

Cluley told Reuters that parents need to educate their children against the threats of viruses “to ensure the popularity of Potter doesn’t cast a nasty spell on their computer systems.”It might be a little too late, according to ZDnet antivirus firm Trend Micro, it’s the most common piece of malwar which has installed itself over the past seven days, with more than 45,000 infections.

News source: TheInquirer


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