HD-DVD arrives in Europe November 15

TOSHIBA HAS told the world that its super soaraway HD-DVD standard player will finally arrive in Europe on November 15.

This will be just in time for the blistering shopping fest that is the Christmas rush. Coincidently it will also be a few days before Sony releases the Playstation 3 console which will have the competing Blu-Ray standard on board.

A SpokeTosh said that more than 10,000 HD-DVD players would be shipped to Europe for the November launch. Any subsequent shipments would depend on consumer interest, so if there isn’t any then we expect they will not bother sending us any more.

The price tag for the HD-E1 will be about £400, so it will have to be a Christmas present for someone you love, or yourself, or both.

Toshiba claims it has sold 50,000 players in the US and Japan, and aims to sell 200,000 by the end of the year.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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