US websites should be designed for the blind

US RETAIL WEBSITES might have to be made accessible to the blind.

An outfit called Target is being sued in a class action suit which complains that the corporation’s Web site was inaccessible to blind customers.

Target applied to have the case dropped because it said the various disability acts only applied to its physical retail locations, not its Web site.

But the judge struck down the motion, saying the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires all commercial locations to be accessible to citizens with disabilities and applied to websites too.

A lot of webpages are designed to be compatible with screen-reading software, which takes visual information from computer screens and reads it out loud. They also allow users to have use keyboard shortcuts instead of relying on a mouse.

The ruling has been praised by various disabled groups who say it will mean that other online retail outfits will have to make their sites more accessible too.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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