32GB Solid State Disk fingered

ITALIAN website HW Upgrade has the first exclusive test of the Samsung Solid State Disk with a 32GB capacity. Just imagine having two of those in RAID-0 is mouthwatering. The disk will be used obviously more in laptops than in desktops and servers. However, given the fact that it does not have any mechanical parts, is bloody fast, is small, absolutely silent and dissipates very little heat, it would be perfect in blades and as system drive.

Extremetech looks at the WOW-Pen Eco100 which is a pen mouse available for just over $50. You actually hold the mouse like a pen. Think of a match between a mouse and a digitizing pen. Its biggest drawback though is its low resolution of 400dpi – which should be improved in next versions. The mouse is advertised as ergonomic but extremetech is not convinced that this is the case. The WOW-pen also comes coated with anti-bacterial material.

Xtremecomputing tests the Crucial Ballistix DDR2 PC2 8000 2GB memory kit. Memory is clocked at 1GHz and has timings of 5-5-5-15. It is cheap – quite surprising for Crucial, offered excellent performance at the rated speeds and had decent memory heatsinks. That said the modules could not go further than the 1GHz on the spec list. On a budget and looking for quality memory, go for that one.
VR-Zone tests the DFI Lan Party NF590 SLI Intel version. This is an early sample and from what we’ve heard at theInq, it might well be a very rare breed indeed. The mobo is in the pure tradition of DFI models with Yellow and orange tones on black. DFI has chosen to put the SATA ports towards the front of the motherboard, where it faces the drives. Obvious choice although no one thought of it before. Torn, the reviewer, gives out some free words of wisdom. The NF590 might well be that dream board Core2 Duo is waiting for.

Digit-life returns with their monthly 3Digest – the 75th this month. This month, their brand new star is the ATI Radeon X1950XTX video card. The 3Digest is one of the most comprehensive 3D benchmark fest around and it is done in a most professional manner with a 22-inch monitor. You have to applaud those guys’ perseverance for delivering time and time again so much data that will help us mere mortals buy better cards.

Bit-Tech reports on the Corsair HX620 and the Coolermaster iGreen. I’ve never seen a PSU coming with a nylon bag for storage, so I guess that Corsair wants to take care of its customers more. The iGreen as well is not a bad PSU, but it is a non-modular model although, it does try to save the environment. However, bear in mind that their prices are both hovering around £90-100, which is not cheap.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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