Oracle, Apple Plug 10g on Mac OS X

Executives at Oracle and Apple are taking to the highway in a series of international road shows to introduce Oracle Database 10g on Mac OS X Server, which is Apple’s Unix-based server operating system.

When Apple Computer Inc. announced its Xserve G5 in January, Mark Milani, vice president of the Platform Technologies division at Oracle Corp., issued a statement saying that the Redwood Shores, Calif., database giant was in the process of rolling out an OS X version of the database.

“The power of the new Xserve G5 and the flexibility of Oracle Database 10g running on Apple’s Unix-based Mac OS X Server will deliver our joint customers a very compelling, cost-effective, scalable and reliable database solution,” Milani said at the time.

The road show begins June 8 and includes stops in Reston, Va.; Apple’s hometown of Cupertino, Calif.; and venues in Paris and London that are already sold out. The road show finishes up July 10 in Tokyo.

News source: eWeek


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