Walkman inventor wins millions from Sony

The Sony Walkman. Everyone in the world has heard of it, most of you have probably even owned one at one point in your life.It would appear however, that the Walkman invention was not all Sony’s idea.German inventor Andreas Pavel has just ended an incredible twenty year long court battle with the electronics giant. It all started back in 1977 when he patented the stereo-belt. Two years later, the first ever Walkman was released by Sony.

Selling over 200 million Walkmans between 1979 and 1981, Sony were clearly onto a winner.However in 1980, Andreas Pavel started legal talks with Sony and tried to arrange a royalty fee. 1986 was when Sony finally paid Pavel his royalty fee, but even then they still wouldn’t acknowledge him as the inventor.In 1989, Andreas Pavel started new proceedings, this time going through the law courts in the UK. Seven years later, the case was dismissed and Pavel was left with $3.6 million dollars worth court costs to pay. Then in 2001, Pavel threatened Sony with legal suits in every country in which he had patented his invention. The corporation finally agreed to resume talks with Pavel and a settlement was finally reached.

The exact settlement fee is a closely guarded secret but it is believe to be at least several million dollars. The settlement also includes a clause which will prevent Pavel bringing future law suits.Andreas Pavel however is now threatening to approach Apple in regard to their iPod music player.

News source: itvibe.com


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