USB battery needs no charger

NVIDIA’S latest GeForce 7950 GT series of graphic card had some people drooling with envy by the design and look of it as shown here. Based on the proven G71 graphic processor, the card features a fan-free design and only dissipates 82W. The 570M series stock 512MB of memory and a GPU that are clocked at 730MHz and 570MHz respectively, pushing the limit of the components even higher than previous versions. The card comes complete with DVI to VGA cables and also feature two set of DVI connectors. You even save some bucks with an additional S-Video extender that allows external TV connection. Quake 4 scores an impressive 183 FPS at 1024 x 768.

While it might seem to be just another conventional motherboard featuring an Intel chipset with CrossFire capability, the ASUS P5B Deluxe offers more than that, as discovered on Anandtech. At a reasonable $250, the P5B will get you a 975X chipset with stable 600FSB and will take Conroe type CPU right away. The main attraction of the motherboard is of course the ability to operate in a CrossFire configuration and this with little to no fuss. CrossFire has been an issue with most motherboards manufacturers and ASUS, as usual, seems to have unlock the secret, without burning itself. For this purpose, ASUS has come up with yet another scheme, called the C.G.I, short for Cross Graphic Impeller, which supposedly, will optimize a system if some CrossFire configuration is detected.

The right balance is always difficult to achieve but thanks to the new Zalman cooling system, it is a bit more easier to reach, says Neoseeker. Based on an all copper heatsink and with the help of a 2-balls bearing system, the CF700-CU lives up to the expectation. As said on the box, it is in fact very quiet and you wouldn’t notice that the thing is on. The concept is effective to the point where you can get your eyes away from your temperature monitor for once. At a price tag of $25, you wont have to cut on your lunch money to afford this one.

Corsair is making a lot of noise with its new 8GiB USB flash drive, so much so that Hexis is reporting the act. This little gizmo can hold an entire operating system, which would render access time and above all response time incredibly small. For a mere $155, it should be a reasonable investment and will payoff by having a considerable longer life time than regular hard disk. As with most Corsair USB products, it is encased in a protective suit that will absorb all sort of abuse. Finally, for the paranoids out there, the drive provides some layers of protection against unauthorized access using the well trusted 256bit AES encryption.

Impossible to leave without them nowadays, batteries are ever more present in our lifes. But as stated on , thanks to USBCELL, now you can recharge them almost anywhere with the help of a USB PC port. The idea is simple but modeling it into a working device is something else. That’s what the folks at Moxia Energy have done though and it retails at an advertised $25, which is a little bit expensive for AA USB rechargeable battery.

Sony’s latest VAIO with Blu-Ray technology is what will people use in the future, says Xbit Labs. With Blu-Ray specifications still hot from the oven, the engineers at Sony did not apparently wanted to wait for the competition to move and grabbed everyone by surprise by releasing this hardware but at a considerable price tag of $3000. Not bad some will say, considering the high end specs that it comes with, such as a T2500 Duo Core processor and ample amount of memory. But it is still pretty expensive and the general opinion, wise as it always is, will most probably wait for the next version of this laptop with better specs and more important, at a better price.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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