Grand Theft Auto’ slammed again

A few months ago, it seemed that the many troubles of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” might finally be subsiding.

A government case against the popular title–something of a poster child for all manner of societal ills caused by video games–had finally come to an end after months of investigation over hidden sexually themed content. But now, the game is being blamed in a $600 million lawsuit for the slayings of three relatives by a 14-year-old on journalist Sam Donaldson’s New Mexico ranch in 2004.

The suit alleges that Cody Posey, who has been ordered to remain in state custody until he turns 21, played the game “obsessively” before shooting his father, stepmother and stepsister. The case, brought by members of the victims’ family, says that Sony, “Grand Theft” publisher Take-Two Interactive and its Rockstar Games subsidiary should have known that the violent game “would spawn such copycat violence.”

News source: CNET


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