Mozilla Releases Firefox 2.0 RC3

Mozilla Foundation proclaims that RC3 is good enough to be a final release product.

Mozilla has released Firefox 2.0 RC3 to the public. This is the last developmental milestone for Firefox 2.0 and work has already commenced on Firefox 3.0. The Mozilla Foundation is confident of the quality of this RC3 according to comments made by the company’s VP for engineering, Mike Schroepfer. “If there are no showstoppers, RC3 will be it,” said Schroepfer.

Firefox 2.0 offers a wealth of new features compared to its 1.5.0.x predecessors. Changes include an updated user interface, built-in anti-phishing, inline spell checking, improved tabbed browsing and search capabilities, browser session recovery, and an updated add-ons/extensions manager.

Now that Firefox 2.0 is done, the developers are turning their eyes towards Firefox 3.0. The Mozilla Foundation is taking suggestions from community members on what features to add to the next iteration of the browser. “Anybody who has a good idea and wants to participate can enter their comments on the wiki page. We’re just looking for as wide a range of feedback as people want to give. We’ve generally tried to solicit ideas in the past. It’s part of how we work in general,” said Schroepfer.
News source: DAILYTECH


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