Microsoft Shows Off the New Vista and 2007 Office System Boxes

Microsoft has just released the first pictures of the new and redesigned packaging for Windows Vista and 2007 Office System.

In a posting on the Windows Vista team blog, Nick White says that with the Vista and 2007 Office system, “we didn’t just redesign the software packages themselves, but are also introducing new packaging for the two products.”

The packaging has been completely revised “and, we hope, foreshadows the great experience that awaits you once you open it,” he says.

There are pictures of the new boxes for Windows Vista Home Basic, 2007 Office Professional and 2007 Office—Home & Student, which are all designed to be user-friendly, White says.

“The new packaging is a small, hard, plastic container that’s designed to protect the software inside for life-long use,” he says.

Microsoft plans to extend this new packaging style to other products after the launch of Windows Vista and 2007 Office system, White says.



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