Business launch of Vista and Office 2007 is November 30

Invites went out to press and analysts on November 1. Microsoft’s business launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007 is on for November 30 in New York City.

CEO Steve Ballmer will preside over the three-hour launch event, which is being held at the NASDAQ in Times Square.

From the “New Day for Business” invitation, it looks like Microsoft marketing message will be a double-whammy combination of “Better Together” and “People Ready.” (Double ugh!)

“Join Steve Ballmer and industry-leading customers and partners to hear about the latest versions of Exchange, Office and Windows®. Launching together for the first time in 10 years, these releases will invigorate the IT industry while enabling businesses to fully utilize their greatest resource: their people.”

The event will presumably mark business availability of Windows Vista and Office 2007. Word on the street is Exchange Server 2007, the other leg of the stool, won’t actually RTM until early December.

Between then and now, all we need is for Vista and Office to RTM …. News source: BLOGS.ZDNET


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