Microsoft Offers Free Licenses for Backup Servers

Microsoft Corp. has begun offering free software licensing for “cold servers” or networking computers that are kept off until they are needed, the world’s largest software maker said on Friday.

The new feature, part of Microsoft’s Software Assurance licensing program, was introduced earlier this week as part of an effort to add more benefits to the licensing program, a Microsoft spokesman said.

Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft began offering customers its Software Assurance licensing program several years ago as a way for companies to be able to pay for software over time, rather than pay for costly upgrades, and also receive technical support services.

But facing competition from Linux, the operating system that can be copied and modified freely, Microsoft has started new incentives for customers as a good chunk of contracts come up for renewal this year. Linux is popular among businesses seeking cheaper ways to set up corporate server networks.

The new software licensing feature allows customers to install Microsoft’s Windows Server software family of products onto backup computers used for disaster recovery.

News source: Reuters


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