Quad core chips get earbashing

PERHAPS UNSURPRISINGLY IT-Review has followed up part one of their Core 2 Duo Motherboard roundup with part 2. So if you’re looking at going for a Core 2 Duo setup you may do well to check it out.

Madshrimps has kindly provided a VGA Cooler Roundup on ATI X1900 Series to help us get our collective heads around which coolers work the best for which cards and at what noise level.

BIOS has reviewed the SMC ADSL 2+ Barricade Wireless G Router. Whilst SMC is not the most well known name around this router does the job and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Tweaktown has taken a break from the super high end stuff to review the Albatron Mini-ITX Mobo which they turned into a Car PC. Its performance isn’t going to shatter benchmarking tools, but then again it’s not supposed to, and its tiny form factor makes it a good choice for an HTPC or Car PC.

Virtual-Hideout brings us the ECS GeForce6100SM-M AM2 Motherboard Review, an all-in-one integrated micro-ATX motherboard that, interestingly, houses a combined north bridge, south bridge and the GPU on a single chip. Slap in a decent processor and around 2GB or RAM and you have a good HTPC setup, and if the onboard graphics start to get you down the board does have a PCI Express slot for a dedicated graphics card.

If big servers are your thing then you’ll want to wander over to Phoronix which has reviewed the Intel Xeon 5300 Clovertown, Intel’s quad core server processor. It does stress that this is not a true quad core, but rather a pair of dual cores on a single chip and that while its performance is impressive it may be worth hanging on for true quad core.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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