The Five Second CD and DVD Destroyer

You’ll be thankful to have one of these when the feds come a knockin’.

Japanese computer electronics company Elecom today revealed its portable CD/DVD destroyer, news of which Gizmodo has coupled with a poll. In what could be the technogeek’s equivalent of a cocaine addict flushing kilos of blow down the toilet, the SCR-CD001 data destroyer will render any CD/DVD unreadable within five seconds.
The SCR-CD001 is powered through any USB connection that can supply 500mA, making it usable with all personal computers. Its dimensions of 60×20×50 millimeters and weight of 130 grams also make it portable for data flushing with a laptop.

Elecom specifies a continous duty time of one minute, which means that a maximum of a dozen discs can partake in a single shred-fest. Elecom also states in its Japanese press release that its product is meant to render optical discs unreadable, not to completely destroy all data on the disc.

The SCR-CD001 is will be available at the end of November for 3,150 yen (approx. US$26.72).

While this represents the most portable optical media destroying device, it is not the first. Many modern paper shredders include a mode to disfigure the surface of the disc similar to Elecom’s product. Plextor has its PlexEraser drive which completely eradicates all signs of previously written data by writing over the lead-in area and the data portion of the disc. And of course, there’s always the ‘microwave light show’ method or ‘caveman’ alternative of using sharp tools to etch your own sketch into the disc surface.

News source: DAILYTECH


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