CPU coolers start watching their weight

THERE ARE STILL a few shopping days left before the big traditional gift giving piss up. If you’re still stumped about what to get the geek you love the Holiday 2006 Shopping Guide: GPUs by AnandTech may have an answer for you.

If it’s a stocking filler you’re after then Chile Hardware has reviewed the Kingston DataTaveler Secure 1GB. Chile Hardware has also pitted the Radeon X1300 512MB versus X1300Pro to see whether more memory or higher clock speeds make the biggest difference in the low end graphics range.

Elite Bastards has been measuring at the performance of the G80’s smallest member in the ASUS EN8800GTS video card review. Turns out there is a fairly big difference in the performance of the GTS compared to the GTX version, but there also a big difference in the price and the GTS still does very well for itself and of course supports DirectX 10.

TheTechLounge has been prodding at the Thermaltake Mozart TX Entertainment Center Case. It’s a somewhat oddly designed case, having a more square than rectangular footprint and sporting a proprietary 7″ bay to hold a retractable LCD monitor, sadly sold separately.

Hardware.info has reviewed another Thermaltake case, the Kandalf LCS VD4000. This one doesn’t have its own LCD monitor, but it does come with water cooling built in.

For those wanting a much smaller PC case, Bit-tech has reviewed the Apevia X-QPack. Sadly, it seems this is a rather flimsy unappealing case, that’s more likely to draw blood than appreciation.

These days CPU coolers tend to look more like turbines powering a wind tunnel. XSreviews has looked at two more sedate coolers in the review of the Jetart SL1600 & SL1800 Slim CPU coolers. These discrete little units won’t support major overclocking, but the majority of people who run their CPU’s at stock speeds these will do the job with no problems.

BIOS magazine has reviewed the T-Mobile MDA Compact III. Its built in GPS receiver makes it a great all in one smartphone, but its lack of 3G, wi-fi or infrared and the slow CPU means it scores a somewhat lacklustre 7.5.

Rbmods has been bopping along to the sweet sounds of the SteelSeries SteelSound 3H Headset. With great sound, foldable design and retractable mike it makes a great addition for any LAN party goer, although with no on-cord remote means you’ll have to find another way to mute the mike.

IT-review brings us the GeCube FzCool X1950PRO review. Described as special card with a somewhat different cooler to the stock version, this card performs very well for its price.

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