Firefox man loses faith in Google

BLAKE ROSS, one of the key people behind the Firefox browser, says that he is losing faith in the antics of the search engine Google.

Writing in his bog, Ross was miffed that Google was displaying tips that point searchers to Google Calendar, Blogger and Picasa for any search phrase that includes calendar, blog, and photo sharing.

He said that this was bad for competitors, and was a bad sign for Google.

Ross said that Yahoo and Ask had tried to do this but they didn’t build their businesses on the promise of being unconventionally trustworthy.

Tips are bad for users because the services they recommend are not the best, he said.

Ross said that if Google wants to make it faster for users to manage events, create a blog or share photos, it could do what it does when you search GOOG: link to the best services.

He said that Google would complain if Microsoft informed users about Live Search when they typed into Internet Explorer’s address bar, however that is what the search engine outfit was doing to its users.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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