Ebay not likely to close down any time yet

THERE’S A NEW phishing scam doing the rounds warns IT security firm Sophos, this one dodgily claiming that eBay will be closing on the 27th of February.

The email says that if users want to keep eBay up and running then a vote is required by eBay users – 50 per cent of users having to disagree with the notion to keep the giant site afloat. Of course, this is all an elaborate ruse to steal information from users, and once the user agrees to vote to keep the site about town they are redirected to a fake eBay page which’ll nab all the information right off the computer of a less tech-savvy user.

Here’s the e-mail in it’s entirety.

‘Dear eBay Community:
We have decided to close eBay on 27 February 2007 due to the repeatedly abuses on our company. We ask your opinion on this matter and we want to know if you agree with us or disagree .Below you can make your choice.
If you want eBay to stay open click YES otherwise click NO .Your opinion is very important to us. If 50% of the eBay members vote positive eBay stays open otherwise it will be closed.
Regards, eBay Team’

Not the most cleverly written of letters, really. Yet, while the letter is not particularly convincing, Sophos spokesbloke Graham Cluley warns that users might think the letter is some kind of eBay teaser campaign, or some other kind of promotion, maybe for half priced self-help literacy items.

This latest phishing attack adds to the just-under-80 per cent of all phishing emails targeted at eBay and PayPal customers. So watch out, geezers.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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