Yahoo Integrates IM into Web E-Mail Client

Following the lead of Google, which has integrated its instant messaging application within Gmail since February of last year, Yahoo on Monday added similar functionality to allow both functions within its web e-mail interface.

Similar to Google Talk within Gmail, conversations would take place in conversation windows within the interface. The feature would be rolled out slowly over the next several months to all users, said Ryan Kennedy, Yahoo Mail Beta Evangelist.

“Aside from the obvious of being able to instantly connect with 73 million Yahoo! Messenger users worldwide, you also get a seamless experience melding instant messaging with email,” Kennedy said.

The need to download separate messaging software for the computer is eliminated, which Yahoo says will remove a large barrier to instant messaging to those who may be technically challenged.

Microsoft is now the only one of the big three to not mesh its instant messaging and e-mal services together. While Hotmail will alert a user if a contact is online, the feature requires the Windows Live Messenger application to work, and to launch IM sessions.

News source: BETANEWS


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