Samsung launches USB monitor

SAMSUNG FABBED UP a press release saying that it launched the SyncMaster 940UX. MO< Now, this would not be an interesting press release, except the monitor was developed in conjuction with a much smaller company named DisplayLink, and features a unique thingie: network display - graphics and video via USB port.

Instead of having two monitors connected to your graphics card via DVI – and quite often that second connector being an analogue D-SUB15 one – you only need to connect this monitor to your graphics card or a motherboard and from 940UX picture will go onwards to the second one, in a nifty daisy chain.

Two monitors isn’t so special these days, so 940UX can daisy-chain up to five additional 940UX monitors, which ends up in a working environment of 7680×1024 pixels, or simply put three monitors on top of lower three and have a working desktop of 3840×2048.

This all is possible thanks to DisplayLink DL-120 chip that is located inside each monitor.

All in all, a neat product.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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