Apple launches unannounced quads

APPLE NOT ONLY launched quad cores, they did so with an unannounced 3.0GHz part. Not much more to say, but it certainly explains why the QX6800 is going to be scarce for a quarter or so.

Like it’s Kentsfield brother, this one won’t be a 120W part, it will be a 150W or so. With the thermals for the Pro case designed for much more than that, these machines should not have much of a problem dissipating the added heat.

In the end, you can buy a quad no for only $350 each more than a 3.0GHz Woodcrest. There is no option for a slower Clovertown either, quite typical. It is unannounced so no official pricing yet. Have fun, buy 3, they are fashionable.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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