iPod virus scare stories are here

WELL,SOMEBODY HAD TO do it and now Kaspersky Lab has found what it calls the first virus aimed squarely at the iPod.

Called Podloso, the program is a proof-of-concept, rather than code authored with malicious intent, never mind something in the wild and therefore likely to cause damage to the iconic devices that have proliferated like tribbles over the last few years.

OK, so what sort of clown would be able to get the virus on his/her computer? The kind that first installs Linux and then manually installs the virus. There’s no malicious payload and no chance to spread. Once it’s on there, you get a message saying: “You are infected with Oslo the first iPodLinux Virus”.

This is just the author and the K-men showing that if developers of music players get too advanced with their rigs, they could leave users susceptible. Or doing it because they wanted publicity. Or just doing it because they can. Or something.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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