Word 2007 crashes are a feature, not a bug

SECURITY VULNERABILITIES which cause Word 2007 to crash and burn have been defended by the spinsters at Microsoft.

Apparently, Word 2007 was designed to crash like that and Microsoft is proud of this particular feature.

According to ComputerPartner, the ‘flaws’ were spotted by an Israeli researcher Mati Aharoni of Offensive Security who was surprised when Vole didn’t get back to him on them.

He warned of three new flaws in Word 2007 on the Milw0rm and SecurityVulns.com security sites, and posted malformed Word documents as proof-of-concepts.

However a spokesVole said that none of these claims demonstrate a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Word 2007.

She added that the flaws were not security problems and were a feature, not a bug.

The ‘flaw’ was caused by-design behaviour that improves security and stability.

When Word 2007 runs out of ideas about what to do with a malformed Word document it crashes and thus saves it the trouble of having to think about it.

Anyway it was ‘no big deal’, she said, as users can restart the application to resume normal operations.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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