Intel subpoenas PR lobbying company in AMD case

CHIP FIRM Intel issued a subpoena to the Glover Park Group (motto: Experience. Strategy. Creativity), demanding it hand over a series of documents.

The firm “bridges the divide” between high level strategy consultants and large public relations conglomerates. On its site it says it looks after “issues and crisis management” – whether that’s from a “presidential impeachment to a crippling antitrust action”.

The firm has offices in Washington DC and in New York.

The subpoena asks for all documents related to any litigation contemplated by AMD against Intel, and communications with AMD’s lawyers O’Melveney & Myers, plus others acting on AMD’s behalf. The partners in the firm have very high level backgrounds.

Intel wants the Glover Park Group to produce “all documents concerning or relating to any possible or actual investigation of Intel by the United States or a foreign governmental entity.”

News source: THEINQUIRER


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