Logitech mice sport “interesting adaptor” in oxymoron shock

PERIPHERAL OUTFIT LOGITECH introduced a range of mice for notebooks, but when the market is saturated like this one, main selling point is the way the water vole will connect to the computer.

Unlike previous USB drive looking ones, the VX Nano comes with an extremely small 2.4GHz receiver, barely exceeding the size of a USB connector. The company argues that most users are bored with large adaptors, so these mice come with one that does not need removal.

One thing’s certain, new RF adapter is really small..

What Logitech forgot to mention in the press release is that the adaptor will have to be removed in several cases anyway, somehow reducing the impact of this announcement.

Sadly for the company, these removals touch exactly targeted audience for the new VX Nano – airline regulations require that any RF device has to be removed during the flight.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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