Microsoft Korea has offices raided !

South Korean Regulators raided Microsoft Corp.’s local offices on Thursday, following allegations that the US company violated trade regulations by slapping MSN messenger onto it’s Windows operating system.

The investigation was conducted by South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission after the European Union fined Microsoft, this spring, for 500 million Euros – that’s about $611 million dollars.The Fair Trade Commission claims it’ll carry out onsite investigations of Microsoft Korea through next Wednesday. An anonymous FTC official told that the probe was related to a complaint by Daum Communications Corp. back in 2001.

Daum Communications is a South Korean internet portal, which controls 10% of the national instant messaging market. Daum previously filed an antitrust lawsuit in April against Microsoft for 10 billion won – US$8.6 million – for damages incurred by Microsoft’s Windows XP.

Microsoft Korea’s Seo Min-seog said that the company will cooperate with the investigation, and that “we believe we operated in accordance with Korean laws”.

News source: TheInquirer


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