Fedora 7 does Creative Commons

REDHAT-SPONSORED open source project Fedora 7 will be the platform for the Creative Commons LiveContent CD, which showcases open source software.
Fedora 7 is a community based collaboration which, boasts a modest press release, “provides the best of next-generation open source technologies”. The latest edition comes packing a build capacity which lets spods cook up their own programs or what have you.

Jack Aboutboul, community engineer for Fedora at Red Hat, says he and his cohorts openly encourage Fedora 7 users to create their own custom Nerdware to fit their individual needs. “This is the first step in bringing Red Hat’s open source community and Creative Commons’ “share, reuse, remix” intitiave together,” Aboutboul remarks.

There’s a ton of other open source software included on the CD too, including apps such as The Gimp, Firefox, OpenOffice and all sorts of other goodies.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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