Linux kills innovation, claims Vole

A TOP VOLE has slammed Open Sauce as an innovation killer.

Clint Patterson, public relations director for Microsoft’s Unified Communications Group, or Mucg, said that open-source had not shown the ability to support profitable software businesses that can manage decent R&D.

Speaking to, the man from Mucg said that many in the open-source software community have shifted to hybrid business models to get around this problem.

He claims that they are deciding, like any commercial software company, what products and services to give away, what intellectual property to protect, how to generate revenue, and how to participate in the community.

Patterson said that it was for this reason that Microsoft runs a few Open Sauce projects itself. Cnet hacks found a fair few people in the Open Sauce community who think that Patterson is talking out of his trousers.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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