Nintendo Europe boss blasts Microsoft, GTA

David Gosen launches attacks on Xbox Next, M-rated games, European retailers, and the games media during his ELSPA Games Summit speech.

During a recent speech at the ELSPA Games Summit in London, David Gosen, the managing director of Nintendo Europe, reportedly accused both Microsoft and the games media of focusing too much on the next generation of consoles. Gosen also took the opportunity to level criticisms at European retailers and the Grand Theft Auto series.

Microsoft, according to Gosen, is attempting to drive the industry into the next hardware transition too early by aiming to launch its next console in 2005–just four years after the Xbox launch. Gosen even went so far as to suggest that games profitability is not Microsoft’s key motivation, and described the current generational cycle as a “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

“In every cycle, some manufacturer not profiting from the current cycle is eager to kick-start the next one,” said Gosen, who went on to cite the failed 3DO console as an example of why he believes being the first console to market isn’t necessarily important.

News source: Gamespot


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