Nvidia G92 primed for notebook market

DURING COMPUTEX, we received word that Nvidia was gunning to get a die-shrink of G80 in order to make it fit into notebooks. The chip is now being manufactured not only for PCIe Gen2 boards, named 8800GT, but for MXM form as well.

The 8800M GTX will come to market with 512MB of video memory, but there is going to be a 256MB part as well.

Since the total TDP of this module is set at 35W, Nvidians downclocked the chip and activated all possible power saving modes that the desktop part (allegedly) does not need.

This is great news for notebook owners, since with a bit of help from people from MXM Upgrade you will probably be able to find an MXM module for your own laptop.

Nvidia sees this part as ideal chip to replace aging Geforce 7950 GTX SLI notebooks. And if you’re into modding, you’ll love the opportunity to hammer those two boards from your 19-inch monster and throw in some life in it.

On the other hand, seeing good performing dual-cores packed with DDR2-800 SO-DIMM modules from G.Skill and this MXM module in an attractive package, and your ideal mobile gaming rig could be assembled.

Release date is third week of November, and we heard the date of November 19th, but this is more to do with how ready Clevo is with the new designs.

Only real dillema is – if the part is named 8800M GTX, and not 8800M GT, is Nvidia going to unlock all 128 units inside the chip (16 are disabled for yield purposes), or is this “GTX” is going to be “GTX” by name alone?

News source: THEINQUIRER


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