Microsoft web developers branded pants is coming under fire for being one of the slowest websites in the land.

The strokers of beards and Volish nay-sayers have been claiming that reason is Windows Server 2008. They claim this on the very safe assumption that since Microsoft installed it, has been running like a condemned man with his legs cut off on his way to his own execution.

Information Weak’s Dave Methven has been playing around with the site and thinks that if Server 2008 is the problem, it is not the only problem,

The MSDN site requires 69 HTTP requests, a total of 419 Kbytes of files and takes 12 seconds to load the entire page. Google makes only three requests for 18 Kbytes of data and loads for me in 230 milliseconds.

Some of this is clearly down to the size of files on but the design of the MSDN site makes the loading almost tectonic.

Dave noted that there were more than 30 scripts on one page that was designed so all the scripts had to run before the page appears.
He said the Vole can pat itself on the back that it is not its flagship server product that is responsible for the problem. It is more likely to be its flagship webdevelopers who should be collecting their P45s and pink slips.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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