Yahoo playing hard to get

WHILE the world plus dog is saying that the Microsoft merger with Yahoo is as certain as taxes, it seems that the search engine outfit is being a little coy about the Volish offer.

According to a statement that was issued over the weekend, the Yahoo board is not quite as impressed with the contents of Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer’s bulky bottom line as many might think.

Instead the Yahoo board has fluttered its fan and said it is not ready to leap into bed with Steve just yet.

Apparently it wants to think of all the implications, even though the price of Steve’s indecent proposal is $46 billion.

The line is that they need to undertake a ‘deliberate review’ process and look at the indecent proposal ‘in the context of Yahoo!’s strategic plans’.

This means that it has to talk to its Great Aunt Augusta who will want to know which handbag this impertinent Vole sprang from before she give her blessing.

This also means that Yahoo is looking at all of the company’s alternatives, after all it has refused Steve Ballmer’s quiet charms before.

A spokesYahoo said the review process is apparently ‘fluid’. So, like an INQ Christmas party, it could take a long of time, or break up when the drinks run out.

This story was all over the web over the weekend. We would expect Microsoft to issue some bad news over the next few days because none of the mainstream press is covering anything else about Redmond at the moment.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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