Yahoo launches another mobile attack

IN ANOTHER move to grab a chunk of the emerging mobile internet, Yahoo chose CeBIT in Germany to another a new service called Oneplace.

As the name is meant to imply, the objective is to make it dead simple for mobile phone users to put all the content they wish to consume in one place. Naturally expects to benefit from being the portal through which phone users will access the web.

The catch is that Oneplace isn’t actually available yet. The company reckons it should be ready to offer the service some time in Q2 2008.

Yahoo has split the way it will display content via Oneplace into five different ‘views’. These are smart bookmarks; collections, categories, pulse and favourites.

Smart bookmarks makes sense since it will provide swift access to popular forms of content delivery such as an RSS reader, a WAP site or a mobile widget.

Without access to even a beta version of the service, the INQ feels there isn’t sufficient differentiation between the various ‘views’ for the average consumer to work out which content to put where.

On the Yahoo Oneplace web page, here, it’s possible to see references to the German train timetables in more than one view. Why?

Yahoo is hoping that one place will help to drive traffic to other web 2.0 sites such as its own Flickr and along with other like Yelp.

The company also took the opportunity to announce that within the next two months, European users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK will be access a number of Yahoo Mobile widgets including one that points at Ebay. Gosh, that’s original.

It also says that a European version of its all-in-one mobile application – Go 3.0 – should be with European users before Q3 2008.

It’s a logical land grab for Yahoo to try to conquer the mobile space, but the company needs to come up with some killer attraction that will make consumers bother with Oneplace.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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