Corsair’ 32GB stick lands on the bench

TOM’S HARDWARE HAS been messing around with Corsair’s Flash Survivor stick. It’s a gargantuan 32GB of storage with data encryption and is water proof to boot. No more downloading games on company time and stealing office stationary to take them home on… You can stick quite a considerable amount of data on these things, and they have a decent read performance (on top of the encryption). They also come with 10 years warranty – which should last longer than the drive’s actual life – but no matter, in 10 years time, this thing won’t hold an operating system… but it’ll guarantee your kids will have a nice keychain. Read the review here, .

Tweaktown has gathered a bunch of VGA coolers to see which one stands up to the four most demanding graphics cards around: 8800GT, 8800GTX, X1950XT and HD2900XT. This 9-way shoot-out includes a bit of everything, from Artic Cooling’s Accelero Xtreme to Gigabyte’s V-Power. It’ll help your cards cool down a bit, and hopefully without blowing an eardrum. Read the review here, .

Brett at has a guide to modding your PC in 10 minutes. There are some handy tips for weekend modders – where to buy, what you should be looking for, what works and what doesn’t. Quick mods that you might not have thought of yet, like insulating your hard-drive with what looks like a rectangular latex condom, or not… mod your way to this page here, .

PC Perspective delves into BFG Tech’s ES-800 PSU. This neat little PSU features frequency conversion to increase the output efficiency, which comes out reading about 85% efficiency in their book. The PSU also includes SLI certification, meaning you’ll be running Nvidia’s latest and greatest on this power house, and while 800W isn’t even close to the most powerful PSU on the market, it’s enough for freakishly high power demands from your quad core CPU plus VGAs and it isn’t that expensive ($229.9), either. Read the review here.

As things go faster, they tend to drain more power and generate more heat. Enthusiasts like fast. They’ve got fast CPUs, fast VGAs, fast HDD and fast RAM. Well, now things can get a little faster, thanks to Nexus’ HXR-5500 Heatpipe Memory Cooler and NHP-2200 Northbridge Cooler – on review at BurnoutPC. The add-ons, as the names state, will cool your RAM and Northbridge chippery hopefully better than your stock or non-existent heatspreader. Just remember its hard to clean up the old thermal goo before slapping on the new ‘spreader. Cool your chips here, .

Another Asus EN9800 GTX on review today – at OCC. Clocked as a reference 9800GTX, the Asus version seems to offer some above average oc-ability, >20% on core/shader clocks and 12% on memory. This puts the performance on par or even above a GX2. It’s also pretty quiet, thinks the reviewer. At $299 it does seem to steal some thunder from the GX2 offers, and it also supports Hybrid SLI (once it becomes available), meaning that with the right mobo, you’ll get an extra kick out of your card. Read OCC’s stuff here, .

We don’t want to tout TT’s horn or anything, but they did publish another interesting review today that we liked reading about: Hitachi’s Travelstar 5K250 2.5-inch HDD. The 2.5-inch market is becoming very aggressive and not only performance but capacities are up by a bunch (blessed perpendicular writing) – and 2.5-inch used to be the fiefdom of Travelstar drives. Check out how it fare s in the TT review.

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