Nvidia SATA driver bricks Windows

THERE IS simmering discontent on the world wide wibble about Nvidia’s SATA driver with punters complaining that it has a nasty habit of bricking Windows.

Following a tip off, we did a search on “nvgts.sys BSOD” and found shedloads of posts weeping and wailing about the fault.
There were even a few moans on Graphzilla’s own forums where users were also complaining that Nvidia was treating them all to a deafening silence.

Fairly typical was the case of a bloke who installed Windows XP adding the drivers at install with a USB floppy. Whenever he tried to copy a load of files across, whether through USB, network or local backup, he got a BSOD.

However at the bottom of the screen was a little notice that there was a NVGTS.SYS driver error. There was also a mysterious ‘unknown device’ in the hardware manager.

While most punters seem to know that the SATA drivers are not working, Nvidia is sitting on its paws and not saying a dicky bird. In fact the firm is not even saying when it will fix it. In the meantime punters using several NV chipsets and a SATA optical disk cannot not boot Windows, XP or Vista.

One reader told us that his computer with an nForce 520LE cheapset “BSODs when I try to connect a SATA DVD burner. When I disconnect the burner, XPboots again”. Poor chap.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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