Microsoft publishes more info to placate antitrust legislators

ON TUESDAY THE Mighty Vole saw fit to post over 14,000 pages of preliminary technical documentation for volish protocols and underlying software code in Office 2007, Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 on MSDN online.

In a press release, the company said that the newly available protocol documentation explained how the aforementioned products interacted with other Volish products, which will hopefully make life a lot easier for developers trying to work with the dratted software.

This latest mass posting, brings the number of protocol pages made available by Might-soft to over 44,000 in total, which would all appear very generous if we were to ignore the fact that in February, the Vole was slammed with a $1.3 billion fine by European antitrust regulators for failing to comply with a 2004 order to disclose interoperability information to competitors within 120 days. The Vole also still faces two antitrust investigations in Europe, one specifically addressing its feet dragging over interoperability.

So this latest move by the Vole appears to be the company’s cunning plan (or desperate attempt?) to fend off the various antitrust allegations and try to reassure confused customers still struggling with their complex computer systems. A sort of volish lip service, if you will, to increase interoperability by publishing information that rival programs really need in order to be able to work better with Windows, Office and other volish products.

Microsoft says that today’s postings were just the first part of a three-phase program in which it would ask developers for feedback before posting final versions of the documents by the end of June.

As promised in the vole’s interoperability principles, access to the protocol documentation will be open to everyone and will be available without having to sign a license or pay any kind of royalty fee.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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