IBM Ind develops advanced data masking technology

Researchers at IBM’s India Research Laboratory have developed an advanced data masking technology that the company said helps call centres protect critical data without disrupting customer service or business operations.

The company intends to utilise this capability in its own call centre operations to further protect information for its services clients around the world. “The technology, helps call centers and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) organisations by providing effective security and privacy of data which helps in managing customer trust and protecting the brand, which is critical for the call center industry”, IBM said in a statement.

The technology is a speech analytics tool that helps in complying with security and privacy legislation and compliance standards, which in turn enhances customer satisfaction, according to the company.

Designed to help “dramatically” improve call centres, this technology detects and masks private and sensitive information collected from audio recordings of conversations between call centre agents and customers. Previously, there was no known technology which provided this functionality, IBM said.


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