Mozilla unveils Mobile Firefox Alpha

The release of Mozilla Firefox 3 made a history for it’s downloads but now its turn for Mobile Firefox.

It was in reports few weeks earlier but as per recent updates, users can have alpha version of it by this summer. A beta release will be available by year-end.

The development project for mobile Firefox, code named Fennec (a species of fox), was launched in October 2007. The browser delivers power-efficient Web-browsing capability for Smartphone and other mobile devices.

Mobile Firefox will aim to bring the full Web to mobile devices. It will be much ahead of micro browsers. The mobile browser uses HTML Gecko rendering engine with full JavaScript capability and AJAX. Gecko is also used in the ThunderHawk mobile browser, and the browser Nokia developed for its Nokia N810 Internet tablet.

For display, Mobile Firefox will work with a touchscreen but will also be available with a non-touch user interface.

The mobile Firefox supposedly will display the thumbnail images of all opened Web pages.

The mobile browser also will make use of Mozilla’s Project Weave, introduced at the end of 2007 for the Firefox 3.0. This allows user to save data, such as personal browsing information, to a Mozilla server and access it from multiple machines.


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