Toshiba launches Flash memory chips 32 GB

Towards capacity increasingly important? The Japanese Toshiba has announced the upcoming launch on the market for flash memory chips posting a record capacity of 32 GB These modules will be for manufacturers of portable, mobile phones and other miniature devices for which it is important to have solutions offering at the same time a large storage capacity, and a reduced power consumption as low as possible. The chip launched by Toshiba and displays the dimensions of 14 x 18 x 1.4 mm. It may also benefit from interfaces eMMC and eSD.

At the heart of this module, there are actually 8 modules 4 gigabytes each, all of which are accompanied by a dedicated controller. Toshiba said they had used a finesse burning 43 nanometers for the realization of these modules together in an envelope type FBGA. The performances have not yet been specified by the manufacturer who recalls that the eMMC standard requires respect a minimum of 10 MB / write sequentially. The first test samples will be available as early as September, industrial production were to start it in the fourth quarter.


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