Microsoft seeks a strategy to sell its Zune

Faced with the persistent success of the iPod, Microsoft seeks a new strategy to sell stocks of its Zune. Indeed, while 3.5 million iPods are sold each month, Microsoft has elapsed than 2 million since the Zune product launch in November 2006.

To boost sales, the Redmond company has taken a keen interest in Hollywood productions in the hope of finding an original content that could be distributed on the music player.

Richard Winn, director of Entertainment at Zune explains: “We are looking for an exclusive content to be a value-added distributed only on the Zune and not on iTunes or any other competitor.”

More than an exclusive distribution agreement, Microsoft intends to follow the model and in particular its XBox game Halo, which has popularized the interactions in a network. The company truly seeks to redefine the video market. “The question we ask is: how can make this video more interesting,” says Winn.

For at the heart of this strategy, Microsoft intends to capitalize on Community tools embedded in the media player. Via a software virtual interaction, Social Zune can be used to share his reading list.


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